Calendar Synchronising

Synchronise PennyPerfect with other calendars

Your PennyPerfect sessions can be easily synchronised with other applications in just a few clicks.

Outlook can be synchronised both ways. You can import sessions from Outlook and have them created in PennyPerfect, and you can also export your sessions from PennyPerfect and have them created in Outlook.

You can import data from and export data to applications which use the iCalendar format. This is a de facto standard used for example by Google Calendar, Microsoft Works, and Mozilla Lightning.

If you have a GPnetworks account you can use the import wizard to import sessions from there, selecting only the sessions you chose and editing their details before importing.

Maintining multiple calendars is not recommended. You should edit a 'master' calendar and only export from that to the other calendars. Trying to edit and maintain multiple calendars quickly creates calendar conflict.