PennyPerfect Today

At a glance summary of everything current

The PennyPerfect Today screen is a summary of everything upcoming, a balance of recent financials, and a reminder of outstanding items. At a glance there's details of all uninvoiced and unpensioned sessions, unpaid invoices, pension forms that have not been returned etc. This ensures nothing is missed from your income or pension, and late payments are immediatley obvious.

Each section is summarised but can be expanded to see all of the figures that make up the total. The time periods covered by the summary and the items which are displayed can be easily changed on the Options screen on the 'General' page, on the 'PP Today' tab.


This provides details of upcoming Sessions and Events. Double clicking on any of these will show their details.


Lists items that may need your attention, such as uninvoiced sessions, unpaid invoices, pension forms not returned by practices etc.


Gives a summary of all recent income, expenses, and pension contributions. A balance summarises your gain/loss over the period.

PennyPerfect Today