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Evaluate PennyPerfect for free, buy a licence when happy

PennyPerfect can be downloaded for free. The free trial version allows you to evaluate PennyPerfect and decide if it's suitable for you.

The trial licence has some restrictions listed below. Only after buying a licence are these restrictions removed.

When buying a licence, you must provide the name you want to appear on your invoices. You will automatically be emailed a new licence key which removes all restrictions. You don't need to download PennyPerfect again, and all data already entered is still available.

If you've bought a licence but not received it please check your spam folder. If it's not there send an email to with your name and date of purchase. Add this email to your safe senders list or address book so the reply will not be marked as spam.

Free Upgrades

The newest version of PennyPerfect can be downloaded at any time. Upgrading is quick and transparent.

Licence Expiry and Renewal

Trial licenses have no expiry. Access to view, edit, and export your data is never restricted.

Purchased licenses expire 1 year after date of purchase. PennyPerfect then reverts to 'trial' mode, displaying trial banners and restricitng data entry. You can still view, edit, and export your data. Purchasing a new licence removes restrictions for another year.

Licences are valid from the data of purchase - no consideration is made for the purchase of previous licences. When renewing you should therefore wait until the day of expiry before renewing to prevent an overlap. Installing a new licence before an old one has expired or allowing a licence to expire and leaving a gap before installing a new licence has no negative effects. If you take a break from locuming you can allow your licence to expire and buy another in the future as required.


As licences cannot be revoked once sent, refunds are not available after purchasing a licence.