End User Licence Agreement (EULA) valid from 19 April 2017

By using this Software you accept all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You agree this is enforceable like any written negotiated agreement signed by you.

1. Definitions

"Software" means
(a) all of the contents of the files with which this Agreement is provided;
(b) upgrades, modified versions, updates, patches, additions, and copies of the Software, if any, licensed to you by PennyPerfect (collectively, "Updates");
(c) software which may execute on the following platforms, such as, but not limited to; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

"Use" or "Using" means
(a) to access, install, download, copy or otherwise benefit from the Software.

"Agreement" means
(a) this document.

"Documentation" means
(a) any document, image, or animation which describes, demonstrates, or illustrates the Software functionality.

2. Software Licence

As long as you comply with the terms of this Agreement, PennyPerfect grants to you a non-exclusive licence to Use the Software for the purposes described in the Documentation.

The Software is provided free of charge for evaluation with a trial licence with no expiry.

Purchased licenses expire one year from date of purchase then revert to a trial license.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

The Software is the intellectual property of PennyPerfect. The structure and code of the Software are the trade secrets and confidential information of PennyPerfect.

The Software is protected by copyright. You agree not to modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, decrypt, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software.

Any attempt to disable or circumvent the security mechanisms provided, or accessing the data by any undocumented means, is a deliberate breach of this Agreement.

4. Alteration of Documents

PDF documents produced by PennyPerfect may not be altered by any other product.

5. Transfer

Purchased licences cannot be re-sold, lent, leased, gifted, or otherwise given to other users or used by any person except the original purchaser. They can be copied to other computers owned by the original purchaser.

6. Updates

It is your responsibility to evaluate and to decide whether to install any Updates.

No guarantee is made that data files created in an old version may load into a newer version if the difference between versions is more than 4 releases.

7. Third Party Software

Installation, update, removal, or re-configuration of software from other vendors (automatic, intentional or otherwise), or the re-configuration of your computer, may prevent the Software from functioning correctly.

8. User Support

PennyPerfect are under no obligation to support any version of the Software or provide updates due to changes in legislation or the NHS pension scheme.

9. Governing Law

This Agreement will be governed by laws in force in England.

10. Liability

In no event shall PennyPerfect be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, custom, time, profit, earnings, income, data, reputation, goodwill) arising out of the use or inability to use the Software, even if PennyPerfect have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

PennyPerfect endeavours to maintain virus free systems, but does not warrant that its software is virus free and will not be liable for any damages resulting from any virus, trojan, malware, or similar malicious or damaging software. It is your responsibility to check the Software with an up to date and reliable virus checker.

Pension legislation is complex and subject to change. PennyPerfect make no claim that the pension calculations or pension forms within the PennyPerfect Software are correct.

PennyPerfect expressly disclaims any warranty for the Software and Documentation. It is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The entire risk arising out of the use of the Software and Documentation remains with you.

11. General Provisions

PennyPerfect reserve the right to change this agreement without prior notice.

If any part of this Agreement is found unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of the Agreement. Updates may be licensed to you with different terms. This is the entire agreement between PennyPerfect and you relating to the Software. It supersedes any prior representations, communications or advertising relating to the Software.