Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limits on the free version?

It has the same functionality as the licensed version, but you are limited to entering 50 sessions. Your name cannot be displayed on any documents, and 'trial' banners are shown on all created documents.

How much does a licence cost?

The price is £29 for an annual licence.

What happens when I buy a licence?

You will be emailed a licence key. This allows you to put your own name on your invoices and pension forms. You dont need to download PennyPerfect again, and you can keep using the data you've already entered. If you haven't received your licence email within 24 hours, please check in your spam folder and check your PayPal receipt that you entered the correct email address - then use the feedback form if there's an issue.

Can I use PennyPerfect on an Apple, Linux, iPad, Android, Chrome OS etc?

PennyPerfect will run on any Microsoft Windows PC. It does not work on Apples, Android, Linux etc.

Can I customise invoices e.g. add a logo?

Yes - with the PennyPerfect Invoice Designer. Its included as standard with PennyPerfect

Does the person I send invoices to need PennyPerfect?

No. All document are created as PDF files. They therefore only need the free Adobe Reader which is standard on most PCs.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?

You can download the latest version at any time to seamlessly upgrade.

Can I move PennyPerfect onto another computer, for example if I buy a new one?

Yes. See the instructions on the moving page.

Can I have two copies of PennyPerfect on one computer, for example two locums sharing the same computer?

Yes. Just download PennyPerfect as normal, but during the installation process specify a different installation directory eg "C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents". You should ensure the shortcuts on each users desktop points to the correct copy.

What if I'm salaried so dont send invoices?

Invoices will still be created - just dont send them. Do record the invoice 'Payment Received' date when you're paid because this is used to calculate the income reports.

Can I export my data if I want to move to something else?

Yes. If you decide to move to another invoicing/ scheduling package, you can export your data in universal formats that other spreadsheets and databases can read.

What security features are offered?

All data is stored encrypted on your computer and you have the option of requiring a password to start PennyPerfect. Your data is only stored on your computer, it is not available online.

These FAQs answer questions you may have before downloading PennyPerfect. For questions regarding the use of PennyPerfect, try the tips page or the trouble shooting guide.

Download a copy of PennyPerfect from the download page.