New Computer

Moving PennyPerfect to another computer

If you have another computer and want to move your copy of PennyPerfect, please follow these instructions.
  1. Download a new copy of PennyPerfect from this site and run the PennyPerfect installer on your new computer - this will give you an 'empty' installation.
  2. On your old computer, navigate to the PennyPerfect directory, which by default is C:\PennyPerfect\1.
  3. Copy the files PennyPerfect.dat, Options.dat, and PennyPerfect.licence onto something that can be moved to the other computer e.g. USB drive, or email them to yourself.
  4. If there is also a file named ShortcutKeys.dat in this directory (which is created if you have customised the shortcut keys) you should copy this as well.
  5. Copy the files to the PennyPerfect directory on your new computer, replacing the default ones that came with the installation.

Moving Your Licence

After installing PennyPerfect on your new computer you will need to install your licence. The easiest way to do this is by following the instructions from your licence email. Alternatively you can copy the file C:\PennyPerfect\PennyPerfect.licence from your old computer, to the folder C:\PennyPerfect on the new computer (make sure to replace the file on the new computer rather than creating a copy).

Moving Files

This process will only copy your data, not all the invoice and pension files you have created. Of course from this data it is possible to recreate any of your invoices and pension forms because all the necessary data is stored within the PennyPerfect.dat file.

If you want a copy of your invoices, pension forms, and any invoice templates you have changed, you'll also need to move them similar to the above instructions. These files are stored in the directories;


1. Prior to version 3.2, the default PennyPerfect directory was C:\Program Files\PennyPerfect\.