Getting Started

10 steps to begin with PennyPerfect

1. Open PennyPerfect

Double click the PennyPerfect icon created on your desktop or in the PennyPerfect group on the Start Menu.

2. Enter your personal details

Click on the 'My Details' shortcut. Enter your address, NHS pension number, etc. These details are used on your invoices and the Pension Forms. You can change these details at anytime.

3. Enter the details of the practices you work at

Click on the 'Practices' shortcut. To add a new practice click the green plus sign at the top of the page, then enter the practice name, address etc. To delete a row press the red X.

4. Enter the details of your sessions

Click on the 'Calendar' shortcut. Double click anywhere to create a new session. Only the Practice, Start Date, and Rate are required.

5. Prepare invoices

Click on the 'Invoices' shortcut. Clicking the green plus sign displays a dialogue where you choose what is to be invoiced i.e. which practice(s) and date period. Clicking OK then shows a message telling you what invoices have been prepared.

6. View invoices

To view an invoice click the PDF button at the top of the page. To recreate it e.g. after changing the notes, address, template etc., hold the SHIFT key down as you click the PDF button (otherwise the old file is just re-opened and no changes made).

7. Send the invoice

You can now print your invoices or attach them to emails and send to practices.
You'll always have a copy of what you sent and can reprint or resend at any time.

8. Record the progess of payments

Enter the dates you send invoices and receive payments.

9. Review your current work, income, expenses and pension

Click the 'PP Today' shortcut to see the status of your invoices and pension forms. Everything you need for a quick overview of your invoices, income, expenses, pension forms etc. is displayed on this sheet.

10. Customise PennyPerfect to suit your needs

From the Tools menu select Options. On the Options screen you can specify default session rates, default invoice note, pension contribution rates, date formats etc.

The accuracy of the invoices, pension forms and reporting depends entirely on the accuracy of the data entered.