Session Types

Specify the session type to ensure the correct pension calculations

The NHS pension scheme uses different categories of locum work for calculating pensions. Each session must be assigned a category (session type) to ensure it appears on the correct pension form.

PennyPerfect also provides two session types for recording work that is not to be included in your NHS pension forms.

Session Type Description
NHS Normal For normal NHS locum sessions, not deputising for another doctor or working out of hours.
These sessions appear on pension forms A and B.
NHS OOH For out of hours (OOH) sessions where you are not deputising for an absent doctor.
These sessions appear on pension form SOLO.
NHS Unpensioned For NHS work you dont want included on the pension forms, e.g. you are not a member of the NHS scheme, or have a different pension arrangement with the practice (perhaps because you are a salaried GP).
These sessions do not appear on any pension forms.
Private For non-NHS work.
These sessions do not appear on any pension forms.

Session types and invoicing

The session type has no effect on how the sessions appear on the invoices.

Additional information

More details about the NHS pension schemes can be found on the NHS pension website.

Pension legislation and pension scheme rules are complex and subject to change. PennyPerfect make no claim the information represented here is correct, or that the pension calculations within the PennyPerfect software are correct.