Information that will allow you to use PennyPerfect even faster

Entering Dates

You can enter dates in natural English e.g.
last day of august, first mon in jun, next monday, 2nd tue of next month etc.

You only need to enter a day and the rest is filled in for you i.e. if now is April 2021, entering 17 will automatically change to 17/04/2021.

You can type just the day e.g. if today is Wed 14 July, Fri or Friday will change to 16 July.

To enter todays date into a date field, just enter t or today.

To enter the last day of the month just use the letter l.

Dates can be entered in many different and incomplete formats eg.
14-AUG-21; 14/08/21; 14 August 2021; 14/8/21; 14 Aug 21; 14,8; 14-Aug; 14/8; 14 etc.

If a session is only for one day, i.e. the start and finish dates are the same, you dont need to enter a finish date.

Entering Times

When entering a time many different formats can be used eg.
4:30AM; 4:30; 04:30; 0430; 17; 17:00; 1700; 5; 5pm etc.

Any time entered that doesn't have AM or PM explicit, is deemed to be during day time e.g. 9 is 9:00AM, 215 is 2:15PM etc.

Customising Layout

To change the sort order of displayed data on a grid, click on the column header.

Changing the ordering of the practices on the practices sheet changes the order they are displayed on the reports.