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Import sessions from your GPnetworks Account

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PennyPerfect allows you to import session and practice information from your GPnetworks account. You can view and edit the session details, then choose which to import or ignore. If you import sessions for a practice not already in PennyPerfect, the details of the practice are also imported.

Importing Sessions

To import from GPnetworks;

Practices to be imported from GPnetworks

When there is a session to be imported for a practice not already in PennyPerfect, you will be asked how to proceed. You can import the practice details, you can ignore it, or you can manually match it to a practice already in PennyPerfect. For example, if in GPnetworks there is a practice named 'Hilltop Surgery', and in PennyPerect it's called 'Hilltop', the practices are the same but won't automatically match. Select the practice it should be, then the practices will be automatically matched in future.

This matching is required because in GPnetworks many practices have the same name e.g. 'The Surgery', or the name of the practice manager instead of the name of the practice. You can keep the correct details in PennyPerfect so your invoices and pension forms show the correct data, but import without ambiguity from GPnetworks.

Session Details

All of the sessions ready to be imported are displayed on the sessions grid where you can edit the details before importing. If no time was specified for the session in GPnetworks, a time is suggested and marked in bold which you can edit.

Sessions to be imported that overlap an existing session are highlighted in red. Double clicking the session will give details about the collision and show the calendar in the background for that date.