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Feature Summary

pdf Quick, easy, accurate PDF invoicing
- Professional itemised invoices in seconds
- Ready to send by email or post
chart Dozens of useful graphical reports
- Analyse any period; income, hours, rates etc.
- Easily compare between months and practices
pension Automated pension forms
- All forms completed, just print and sign
- AVCs, extra years, and variable contribution rates
         folder Simplified finances and tax returns
- All income, expense, and pension data in one place
- View recent balance of income, expenses, pension
calendar Simplified scheduling and organisation
- Know exactly what is uninvoiced, unpaid, unpensioned
- Upcoming sessions list and customisable calendars
keys Private and financial data protected
- All data encrypted with optional password
- Everything stored paperless in one place
cabinet Simple one step backups
- Secure record of every invoice & pension form
- Backup data to disk or email account
export Export data and reports for any period
- Filter and export to spreadsheets and databases
- Export data for your accountant or pension provider
download Simple installation and upgrades
- Only one small file with installation wizard
- Install or upgrade in less than 1 minute
synchronise Synchronise with outlook or google calendar
- Only enter the details for a session once
- Access your schedule on-line, anytime