Keeping your personal data private


The optional password prevents unauthorised access to your data. By default no password is set when you first download PennyPerfect.

Details on how to set and remove the PennyPerfect password are given on the password page.

Access Log

When PennyPerfect starts the last date and time it was opened is displayed on the splash screen. You can thus see if anybody has accessed it in your absence. Only the last time is recorded - not every time.

Unprotected Documents

The invoices and pension forms you create have no password protection. You can delete them from the invoices and pension forms directory once you have sent them to the practices. The data that was used to create them remains unchanged so the invoices can be recreated at any time in the future (just select the form you want to recreate on the grid and then click the PDF button).

Technical Info

All data is encrypted with a symmetric stream cypher that is RC4 compatible. This is the algorithm commonly used for sending secure information over the internet.

Whenever an invoice or pension form is deleted using PennyPerfect, the underlying PDF file for it is 'shredded'. The file is deleted in such a way that it is less likely that a data retrieval application will be able to 'undelete' it.