Creating paper copies of your invoices, pension forms, and data

Printing Invoices and Pension forms

All the documents that are created in PDF format i.e. invoices and pension forms, can be printed from Adobe Reader (previously known as Acrobat Reader).

  1. Open the required form so it's displayed in Adobe Reader (just select the necessary row then click the PDF button at the top of the grid).
  2. In Adobe Reader, click the print button on the toolbar.

Printing the Calendars and Data Grids

  1. Ensure the data grid, month, week etc that you want to print is on screen.
  2. From the File menu, select Print.
  3. The Print dialogue is displayed so you can choose your printer, number of copies etc.
  4. Hidden rows and columns are not printed out.
  5. Rows and columns are printed the same width and height as they are on the screen. If text is obscured on the screen because a column is too narrow, it will also be obscured when its printed.