What is PDF?

Portable Document Format

PDF is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format. It is the de facto standard for sharing electronic documents. Regardless of the computer the document is being viewed on, it appears exactly the same. There are no issues of incompatible versions that may be encountered for example when using Word or Excel, or transferring between a PC and a Mac.

If PennyPerfect gives an error that it is unable to detect Adobe Reader, the following steps will solve the issue. This changes the way PennyPerfect requests Windows to open PDF documents.

  1. Open PennyPerfect.
  2. In the "Tools" menu, Select "Options" and the Options window will open as shown below.
  3. On the General tab as shown below highlighted by the red boxes, notice the option "View PDF documents with".
  4. Change this option from "Adobe Reader" to "Default Reader".
  5. Click [OK] then try to open an Invoice or Pension Form again.
Select defualt PDF reader