Release History

The following is the history of versions, the changes made for each, and the date of release.

3.10.7 10 Apr 2024
  • New pension forms A, B, Solo, for England. Layouts and contribution rates have changed, not the calculation methods.
3.10.6 29 Sep 2023
  • New pension forms A, B, for England. Only the layouts have changed, not the calculation methods.
3.10.5 27 Jun 2023
  • Fix to an error on the Tax Report that could prevent the Pension Contributions section from being displayed.
3.10.4 31 Mar 2023
  • New pension forms A, B, and SOLO, for England. Only the layouts have changed, not the calculation methods.
3.10.3 16 Dec 2022
  • iCal importing enhanced to handle repeating sessions (daily, weekly, specific days).
  • iCal importing has new option to limit how many days from the past a session can be synchronised.
3.10.2 21 Nov 2022
  • Creation of PDF files for the pension forms re-instated.
  • On the Invoices window the list of Session on the Invoice now includes the name of the Practice. This is useful for when all branch surgeries are included on a single invoice.
3.10.1 5 Nov 2022
  • New 'Payments' grid on the Pension tab for recording payments to the NHS pension scheme (as paid by the locum).
  • Pension B screen includes more details from Part 1 of the pension form B (first and last day worked for each practice that month).
3.10.0 24 Oct 2022
  • PennyPerfect no longer creates PDF files of the Pension Forms. It still calculates the required sessions but now displays the data in a format for easier entry to the online PCSE forms.
  • New windows for each pension form to more clearly show the source items and calculation for each form.
3.9.10 7 Apr 2022
  • New pension forms A, B, and SOLO, for England. Only the layouts have changed, not the calculation methods.
3.9.9 26 Oct 2021
  • Change to way default PDF reader is discovered by PennyPerfect to ensure no errors about Adobe Reader not being installed.
3.9.8 30 Apr 2021
  • New pension forms A,B, and SOLO, for England. Only the layouts have changed, not the calculation methods.
3.9.7 30 Apr 2020
  • New pension forms A,B, and SOLO, for England. Only the layouts have changed, not the calculation methods.
3.9.6 29 Mar 2020
  • New option to change how the employer pension contribution is calculated, either per session then summing all these individual values, or summing all sessions then calculating the contribution from the total. This can result in slightly different results because of rounding.
3.9.5 15 Jul 2019
  • Updated pension forms A and B for Northern Ireland.
3.9.4 1 May 2019
  • Updated pension forms A and B for England.
3.9.3 27 Apr 2019
  • Updated pension form SOLO for England.
  • Updated pension forms A and B for Northern Ireland.
3.9.2 19 Nov 2018
  • On pension Form A the session dates are now grouped into blocks of consecutive dates and Fri-Mon to ensure all sessions dates appear on the form.
3.9.1 22 Oct 2018
  • Can now change the date on the invoices. Previously it was fixed at the date the invoice was calculated.
  • Option to leave the Unique Identifier (UID) blank on pension form A.
3.9.0 27 Apr 2018
  • Updated pension Forms A, B, SOLO for England. The calculation method is unchanged.
3.8.30 10 Nov 2017
  • Updated pension Form B for Northern Ireland.
3.8.29 21 Oct 2017
  • Fix to an error on pension Form B caused if the date format on the PC is set to use dashes rather than slashes.
3.8.28 08 Oct 2017
  • Fix to a synchronisation error.
3.8.27 28 May 2017
  • New pension forms A, B, SOLO for England and Wales to include the unique reference.
3.8.26 08 May 2017
  • New pension Form SOLO for England and Wales using the new employer contribution rate of 14.38%.
3.8.25 21 Apr 2017
  • New pension Forms A and B for England and Wales using the new employer contribution rate of 14.38%.
3.8.24 30 Apr 2016
  • New pension Forms A, B, SOLO for England and Wales.
  • Extra validation on Form A pension grid to ensure the 'Rcvd From Practice' date cannot be set to a month where a Form B has already been created.
3.8.23 24 Feb 2016
  • New pension Form A for Northern Ireland.
3.8.22 17 Jan 2016
  • New pension Form B for Northern Ireland.
3.8.21 07 Dec 2015
  • Minor fixes.
3.8.20 01 Oct 2015
  • Corrected a problem with the copying of Sessions.
3.8.19 10 Aug 2015
  • Corrected the pension Form SOLO employer contribution calculation.
  • Changed some dialog messages to give Windows 10 specific information.
3.8.18 10 May 2015
  • Corrected an invoice template that was showing the incorrect pension contribution rate percentage.
3.8.17 19 Apr 2015
  • Corrected a window resize error on the Month calendar.
  • Allow a higher start number for invoice numbering.
3.8.16 01 Apr 2015
  • New employer pension contribution rate (14.3%) valid from 01 April 2015. New pension forms introduced because of this change.
3.8.15 06 Jul 2014
  • New pension forms for Scotland.
3.8.14 15 Jun 2014
  • New pension forms for Northern Ireland.
3.8.13 08 May 2014
  • Fixed the issue causing the Mileage report to crash.
  • Fixed an issue on the English pension form A completion which caused a crash.
3.8.12 14 Apr 2014
  • New pension forms for England and Wales.
  • New report, Work Value - NHS Normal (Rate + Extras).
3.8.11 18 Oct 2013
  • Export to CSV improved so dates are exported unformatted and multi-line notes are surrounded by quotes so they import into spreadsheets easier.
  • When a backup file is loaded auto save is now turned off.
  • Can now change the number of rows per day to be displayed on the Month calendar. This allows display without clipped text on smaller screens or where the magnification is greater than 100%.
3.8.10 26 Jun 2013
  • Can now import session information from your Network Locum account.
3.8.9 03 Jun 2013
  • Included the new pension Form B for Scotland.
3.8.8 01 Jun 2013
  • Changed the calculation method on the pension Form B so there are no rounding errors.
3.8.7 29 May 2013
  • If the pension Form B for England has more practices to display than there are spaces in part 1, the additional practices are shown on a second page.
3.8.6 12 May 2013
  • Error fixes.
3.8.5 03 May 2013
  • New pension Forms A, B and SOLO for Northern Ireland.
3.8.4 01 May 2013
  • New pension Form SOLO for England and Wales.
3.8.3 29 Apr 2013
  • Fixed a rounding error when creating multiple sessions with an employers pension contribution.
3.8.2 22 Apr 2013
  • More reports added and current reports made more explicit to indicate where employer pension contributions are added or not.
  • More options added for the invoice templates to allow an invoice level summary of the employer pension contributions, not just per session.
  • Release of Invoice Designer 0.7.0. This adds more options for including the employer pension contribution.
3.8.1 05 Apr 2013
  • Employer Pension Contribution included on the 'Add Sessions' dialog.
3.8.0 03 Apr 2013
  • Changes for the 01 April 2013 pension changes in England and Wales. Ability to add an employer pension contribution to each Session which is included on the Invoices. New invoice templates and pension Forms A and B for these changes.
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.6.0. This includes a new section for Session footers. Allows additional information to be displayed after all the Session Extras and Session Expenses e.g. employer contribtion, total for the Session.
3.7.12 02 Dec 2012
  • Fixed an error that caused PennyPerfect to close when editing Private sessions.
3.7.11 20 Oct 2012
  • Pension Forms C and D removed as they are now obsolete. Long term users who have created these Forms with PennyPerfect still have access to them.
3.7.10 14 Jul 2012
  • Corrected a calculation error that happened when deleting a session Extra.
3.7.9 28 May 2012
  • New pension Forms A and B for Northern Ireland.
3.7.8 14 Apr 2012
  • Superannuation rates changed so new Forms A,B,SOLO for England and Wales, and new Form B for Scotland.
3.7.7 28 Jan 2012
  • Correction to the Northern Ireland SOLO pension calculation. Was using a rate of 14%, corrected to 15.7%.
3.7.6 02 Jan 2012
  • On the popup calendar, clicking the month label at the top of the grid now shows all months, allowing quicker selection of dates in other months and years.
  • Improved the formatting of data when exporting all data to an XML spreadsheet.
3.7.5 19 Nov 2011
  • English pension forms A and B updated to version 5. The calculation remains the same. Only the wording on the forms has changed.
3.7.4 08 Oct 2011
  • Northern Ireland pension forms now included.
3.7.3 15 Jun 2011
  • Can now import session information from your GPnetworks account.
3.7.2 05 May 2011
  • Correction to the calculation used for pension form SOLO.
3.7.0 01 Dec 2010
  • A new 'Extra Years' column is now available for pension form Solo.
  • Latest pension forms A and B for England included.
3.6.8 06 Oct 2010
  • Popup calendar now features Today and Clear buttons.
  • Now cannot change a session type if the session has been invoiced or pensioned. Previously was able to change the session type if the session had not been pensioned.
3.6.7 31 Jan 2010
  • Can now include a scanned image of your signature on the pension forms (means no printer is required and you can send direct by email).
  • Rate comparison tool displays the hourly rates of all practices and session types together on a single grid to allow easy comparison. This also displays the max, min, and average for each session type.
  • Latest version of the Scottish Pension foms A and B included. Calculation creates only 1 Form B for all work, not a seperate form for OOH. Also AVCs are not included in any calculations.
3.6.6 09 Jan 2010
  • Can now easily enter repeating expenses (subscriptions, memberships etc.) to repeat weekly or monthly.
  • Tax report has been simplified to report only for complete tax years and not any defined period.
3.6.5 26 Nov 2009
  • On the Sessions grid, a new 'Current' tab shows only sessions for a short time in the past and in the future. The number of days to include in this view is customisable on the Options screen.
  • On the Options screen on the Invoicing tab, it is now possible to see a preview of each invoice template.
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.4.0.
3.6.4 11 Oct 2009
  • Fixed an issue that caused PennyPerfect to close when exporting calendars over a large date range.
3.6.3 12 Sep 2009
  • The Events page now has space for storing location information for each event.
3.6.2 01 Sep 2009
  • A new single page 'Tax' report shows all income, expenses, and pension contributions for any period - as required for a self assesment tax form. The data is summarised but can be expanded to see the details.
  • Each report now has an information button which explains how to use the report and what it displays.
3.6.1 09 Aug 2009
  • When entering repeating sessions, can now include a public note and a private note.
  • A 'Send by Email' button on the Invoice screen allows receipts to be emailed with a customisable template.
  • There is now the option to automatically set the 'Sent' date when sending invoice and receipt by email.
  • The Invoice dialogue now explicitly indicates how many days an invoice has been outstanding, or how long it took to receive payment.
3.6.0 02 Aug 2009
  • Redesigned user interface to allow simpler navigation and one click filtering.
  • Layout changed to allow easier use on small screens e.g. netbooks.
3.5.5 11 Jul 2009
  • Dates can now be entered in English such as 'second Monday in June', 'last Friday', 'first thu in aug'.
  • Automatic backups are now available. The number of days between automatically saving backups is entered on the Options screen.
  • Can now drag a backup file onto the PennyPerfect.exe program icon to open that backup file.
3.5.4 1 Jun 2009
  • Can now choose to view created PDF documents with Adobe Reader or the system default PDF reader.
3.5.3 5 May 2009
  • New templates for pension forms A and B for England and Wales.
  • New template for pension form B for Scotland (contribution rate is now 13.5%, was previously 14%).
  • For Scottish pension form B, can now choose whether to include a figure for the employers contribution when paid gross (box f).
3.5.2 16 Apr 2009
  • Correction of errors displayed on the PennyPerfect Today screen.
3.5.1 11 Apr 2009
  • New template for pension form B for England and Wales.
  • Can now right click on any Session and select the popup menu 'Copy Session'. This opens the new session window with the date, time, extras, expenses, rate and notes the same as the selected session.
  • If when creating a new session one already exists with the same date and time, a warning is given and the user can select to save anyway or go back and change the date and time.
  • A new 'Getting started...' option on the help menu provides a simple overview of the steps required to enter the first practice and session details and create invoices.
3.5.0 10 Mar 2009
  • A new calendar view has been included which shows all the sessions for a month, with all hours of each day displayed. This makes it very easy to distinguish overnight sessions.
  • A new Help About window has been included. The information on here was previously displayed on the Options screen.
3.4.3 26 Feb 2009
  • A new session type 'NHS Unpensioned' for recording NHS work which you dont want included on the pension forms.
  • The 'My Details' page now has a Notes field for entering general notes.
  • A default invoice note can now be specified for each practice. This overrides the default invoice note specified on the options screen.
  • Default session rates can now be entered for each practice for each session type. These override the global default session rates specified on the Options screen.
3.4.2 9 Feb 2009
  • More informative error messages when entering invalid session times.
3.4.1 5 Feb 2009
  • Minor cosmetic error fixes.
3.4.0 28 Dec 2008
  • Can now easily create booking confirmations to send by email using a customisable message template.
  • The shortcut keys for all main operations are now customisable.
  • Licences now expire 1 year after date of purchase then revert to a trial licence.
3.3.1 13 Dec 2008
  • Invoice window now has a 'Send by email' button. This uses the default email client to create an email with the invoice attached, and populates the message from a user defined template.
  • On the calendar tooltip for sessions, the invoice and pension form status of the session is now shown.
  • The PDF buttons for invoices and pension forms now have a drop down menu for an explicit choice between re-opening or re-creating.
3.3.0 2 Dec 2008
  • New calendar 'Planner' shows sessions and events for one month across the screen, one column per day.
  • On the month calendar each event is now shown individually. Previously all events for a day were grouped into one cell.
  • On the week and month calendars, a small status icon can now be shown on each session to indicate if it has been invoiced and pensioned.
  • On the PennyPerfect Today screen, can now show or hide upcoming sessions and events.
  • On the PennyPerfect Today screen, can now show unpensioned sessions from previous months.
3.2.4 25 Nov 2008
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.3.0.
  • On the week and month calendars, sessions can now be dragged to a different date and time (if they are not on an invoice or pension form).
  • On the week calendar, can now define the number of rows to be used to display each hour i.e. allow display granularity of 30 mins, 15 mins etc.
  • Invoices can now be created without error even if the images specified by the template do not exist.
  • Improved the handling of tips for new users so they are briefer and don't repeat.
3.2.3 15 Nov 2008
  • On the week calendar, multi-day events now display as an individual item, not a seperate item on each day.
  • Document fingerprinting removed because it was not widely used.
3.2.2 1 Nov 2008
  • Right click menus are now available on the sessions, invoices, and practices grids.
  • Right click menu on the session grid now allows single sessions to be added to or removed from an invoice.
3.2.1 12 Oct 2008
  • On the PennyPerfect Today screen, there is now a summary of all recent income and expenditure.
  • Can now export Session data to iCal files. These can be imported by Outlook, Google Calendars, Mozilla Sunbird etc.
  • Additional formatting options for the calendars.
  • On the PennyPerfect Today screen, a double click on any session or invoice now opens the details window for that session or invoice.
3.2.0 14 Sep 2008
  • Pension Forms B and D are now created for the month the income was received, not when the work was done.
  • Pension Form B now has the column 'Date gross pay received' completed.
  • Default installation directory is now C:\PennyPerfect, not C:\Program Files\PennyPerfect. This allows installation on Vista without administrator rights.
  • Double clicking on the Forms field on the Session window now gives information about which pension forms the session is on, and the status of these forms.
3.1.1 30 Jun 2008
  • Pension grid C can now record when Forms are sent to & received from practices.
  • PP Today screen can now show unreturned Form C's.
3.1.0 22 Jun 2008
  • Pension Forms B and D now include Extra Years calculations.
  • Can now import sessions from iCalendars such as Google calendar.
  • Can now specify a default hourly rate for each session type, so the session rate is calculated automatically when the session times are entered.
  • Scottish pension form B from April 2008 is now included.
3.0.5 1 Jun 2008
  • On the month and year calendars there are now right click menus to add/edit/delete sessions and events.
  • Todays date is now highlighted on the calendars.
  • Now check the computer has compatible language and format settings at startup.
  • On PPToday sheet, can double click on any upcoming session to view its details.
  • When entering repeating sessions, can now include a mileage charge.
3.0.4 24 May 2008
  • More grid formatting options.
  • Can now load even if licence file is deleted.
3.0.3 20 May 2008
  • Can now download events such as bank holidays from the internet.
  • Tooltips on the year and month views show the details of events and sessions.
3.0.2 15 May 2008
  • Can now record events such as bank holidays, vacation, training days etc.
3.0.1 9 May 2008
  • Can now check for updates from the Options screen.
  • Can choose to add new rows at the top or the bottom of grids.
  • When changing the optional password, an indicator shows its relative strength.
  • On the session and invoice screens, the tabs for Expenses, Notes etc. become bold to indicate if they have any entries.
3.0.0 2 May 2008
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.2.0.
  • Sessions on the calendars are now colour coded depending on the session type.
  • Can now enter expenses against each session.
  • A single column 'Session Type' has replaced the columns 'Private', 'OOH', and 'Deputising'.
  • The Sessions grid can now be grouped by Session Type.
  • PennyPerfect Today is now customisable to show more information.
  • Can now choose which screen is displayed when PennyPerfect starts.
  • New reports to take account of session expenses.
2.5.8 2 Mar 2008
  • The rate for employee pension contributions can now be set on the Options screen (as required by the variable rates in force from 01 Apr 2008).
  • The options screen now displays the last backup date, time, and file name.
  • The report screen now has an option 'Hide Empty Rows'. This is useful when grouping by days and reporting for a long time period.
2.5.7 2 Dec 2007
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.1.2.
  • More invoice templates included in download.
  • Minor error fixes.
2.5.6 3 Nov 2007
  • PennyPerfect Today page enhanced to show unsent and unpaid invoices. The list of upcoming sessions has also been reformatted to make it more readable.
2.5.5 13 Oct 2007
  • Redesigned dialogue for pension forms allows all forms to be created with 1 click.
  • Redesigned dialogue for selecting which sessions to invoice.
  • Summary list of new invoices is displayed after they have been calculated.
2.5.4 3 Oct 2007
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.1.1.
  • New option to create pension forms A and B using the Scottish pension forms.
  • Can now have branch surgeries by setting the value 'Branch Of' on the Practices grid. A new invoicing option allows these branch surgeries to be invoiced seperately, or the work for a practice and all its branch surgeries can appear on a single invoice .
  • Tips are now displayed for new users explaining how to get started and how to use the main features.
2.5.3 3 Sep 2007
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.1.0.
  • New option to create invoice files immediately when calculated.
  • New option to create pension form files immediately when calculated.
  • New option to restrict invoices from being printed.
  • New option to restrict text and images being copied from invoices.
  • New menu command 'Exit Without Saving'.
  • New colour picker to make customising easier.
2.5.2 25 Aug 2007
  • Fixed error causing some invoices to display incorrectly in Adobe Reader 7.
2.5.1 22 Aug 2007
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.0.7.
  • New colour picker on InvoiceDesigner so colours can be selected from other applications and images.
  • Can now have rounded rectangles on invoices.
  • NI number can now be entered with dashes and spaces.
2.5.0 12 Aug 2007
  • Release of InvoiceDesigner 0.0.6.
  • New splash screen.
  • The envelope printing feature has been removed, as has the option to specify the invoice font. These features are now redundant because the invoice designer allows an easier way to do this.
  • Removed the tax calculator - there are plenty of tax calculators online.
2.4.3 18 Jul 2007
  • Invoice numbers now have a user-definable suffix and number format.
2.4.2 23 Jun 2007
  • Minor error fixes.
  • New error message displayed at startup if the language and regional settings are not compatible wih PennyPerfect.
2.4.1 3 Oct 2006
  • New options screen to better organise additional configuration options.
  • Can now change the background colour of the grids.
  • There is now a popup clock for entering times and a popup number pad for entering numbers on the grids. Most operations can now be performed entirely by the mouse with no keyboard input.
  • Error and information messages have been improved to provide better information on why something has happened or what action needs to be taken etc. They can also be silent.
  • Double clicking on a Session row opens the sessions in the Session form. The same double click action applies to Invoices and Practices.
2.4.0 22 Sep 2006
  • Can now synchronise PennyPerfect sessions with Microsoft Outlook.
2.3.9 10 Sep 2006
  • Fixed an error that had stopped the grouping buttons on the grids from working.
2.3.8 14 Jun 2006
  • New report 'Expenses', to total the entries on the Expenses sheet.
2.3.7 2 Apr 2006
  • Fixed an error that prevented the creation of blank pension forms.
2.3.6 22 Mar 2006
  • The type of the session (OOH, Private, Deputising) can be changed until the session appears on a pension form (previously could not be changed once on an invoice).
  • Can now create invoices and pension forms correctly when the language settings of the computer are set to French or Spanish.
2.3.5 Feb 21 2006
  • When rows are grouped on the grids, a grand total is now displayed on the top row as well as the subtotals for each group.
2.3.4 14 Dec 2005
  • All PDF documents created now contain a unique fingerprint. It contains details of the document date, author, type, and value. Any user can validate the authenticity of the fingerprint and therefore the document on this website.
  • Grid row headers are highlighted blue for new rows, and cyan for edited rows.
2.3.3 20 Nov 2005
  • All data can now be exported in a single XML spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel 2003 XML spreadsheet). This spreadsheet can be opened by Excel 2003 and later versions.
  • All data can now be exported in a single well formed XML file.
  • Each individual grid can be exported to a single well formed XML file.
  • New option to hide the Extras grid.
  • Date calculation for Pension form B changed to group the session dates correctly.
2.3.2 19 Oct 2005
  • There is now the ability to record expenses that cannot be invoiced to individual practices e.g. subscriptions, fees for professional bodies, course and conference fees etc. This information should be recorded for tax purposes.
  • Can now enter a default AVC on the Options form as a fixed amount or a percentage figure. This is then used to calculate the AVC on pension forms B, D, and SOLO.
  • Rows on the Invoices grid can now be grouped by Practice, Month Created, or Month Received.
  • Very long surnames previously caused text overflow on pension forms B and D. They are now written in a more condensed font if the name is very long, so surnames up to 21 letters display OK.
  • The Add Sessions form for creating repeated sessions can now be used to create sessions which are Private, OOH, and Deputising.
2.3.1 8 Sep 2005
  • Pension Forms C and D (for OOH deputising work) can now be created.
  • Can now enter additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) for all NHS pensionable work (on forms B, D, and SOLO).
  • Data can now be exported as pipe (|) delimited values.
  • Additional reports to distinguish between normal, OOH, and private sessions.
2.3.0 1 Sep 2005
  • Pension Form Solo (for OOH work) can now be created.
  • A new 'Deputising' column has been added to the sessions grid. This is used in conjuntion with the OOH column - if the Deputising column is selected the session will not appear on a pension form SOLO.
  • A new 'Private' column on the Sessions grid allows private (non NHS) sessions to be recorded. These are displayed on invoices but not on any pension forms.
  • The pension forms A and B have been updated to the latest available layout from the NHS.
  • A new start up option allows PennyPerfect to be opened maximized.
  • A new 'Status' option displays the number of items in PennyPerfect e.g. number of Sessions, Invoices etc.
  • For the TRIAL version, there are now limits on the amount of data that can be stored; approximately 100 sessions, 10 pension form B, 30 invoices. Once one of these has been exceeded no more data can be added until a licence is purchased.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer over a session on the Year view of the calendar now displays details of the session.
  • Security log now gives the user name as well as the date and time.
  • On all the grids, columns that can never be changed by the user are displayed in grey, e.g. invoice number, pension calculation columns.
2.2.4 24 Jul 2005
  • A new OOH (Out Of Hours) column on the Sessions grid allows sessions which are out of hours to be recorded (this is currently indicative only and is not used in pension calculations).
  • New reports included to provide details of OOH work (hours, number of sessions).
  • A new security feature displays a message on the splash screen detailing the last time PennyPerfect was opened. The first time this is run it will display UNKNOWN.
  • Pension Form A can now display 8 work periods. Previously it could only show 4.
  • New option to display the licencee name in the title bar. This is useful for computers which are shared and running more than one copy of PennyPerfect.
  • On the My Details page, users can now enter a title to appear before their name on invoices eg Dr, Mr etc.
2.2.3 8 Jun 2005
  • There is now a user definable number from which invoice numbering will start. By default the first invoice will be number 1, but this can be changed for users upgrading from another system who need to keep their invoice numbers sequential.
  • The prefix for the invoice number is now user definable, allowing different formats for numbering e.g. INV-00204, FA00204, Inv/00204.
  • A new page on the Options screen allows the creation of a PDF document for each Practice with the Practice Addresses. This can be used for printing envelopes.
  • Invoice templates changed to show the Practice Manager name. The address now appears as Practice Manager, Address, Postcode. The Practice Name is no longer used on the invoices, allowing a shortened version to be used for displaying on the grids. The full name can be entered into the Address 1 column for displaying on invoices.
2.2.2 21 May 2005
  • User can now choose the font to be used on invoices.
  • An indication of the users income tax liability can be calculated for any tax year. Personal allowance and the current tax bands can be changed. Income is calculated from payments received, or an arbitrary figure of income used to predict tax liabilites for an incomplete year.
  • Data is exported in same file format but is tidied first to reduce file size slightly.
2.2.1 30 Mar 2005
  • New option 'Calculator', on the 'Tools' menu displays the windows calculator.
  • Rounding problems on Pension Form B if the pence part of the value was 50 or greater have been fixed.
  • Invoices with many sessions now show sessions on multiple pages. Previously the sessions would in some cases just run of the bottom of the page.
  • New option that allows the grand total on Pension Form B to be shown or not. Not displaying it allows additional contributions to be recorded on Form B.
  • Sessions on invoices now appear in date order even if sessions for different months appear on the invoice.
2.2.0 23 Jan 2005
  • Sessions now have a Public Note as well as a Private Note. The Public note appears on invoices
  • There is now an Extras grid underneath the Sessions. A Session can now appear with a Session Rate, and then a list of additional items e.g. visits, can be included with the Session. The Invoice displays the Session Rate, and the details and cost of each of the individual Extras.
  • From the Options screen, can now enter the number of days ahead for which upcoming Sessions will appear on the PennyPerfect Today sheet.
2.1.0 16 Dec 2004
  • Data is now stored in a single file rather than a few different ones. This allows making backups and transferring PennyPerfect to a new computer easy.
  • New menu options to create and restore backups of all data to/from a single encrypted file.
  • Practices can now contain slash characters / and \ in their names. Previously this caused an error with the PDF forms.
  • On Pension Form B, long practice names are trimmed so they do not overflow from their column.
  • Sessions grid can now be grouped by month.
  • On the Sessions grid, small buttons now appear next to the Group By list to allow the groups to be all expanded or all collapsed in a siingle click.
2.0.8 25 Nov 2004
  • Five new reports available regarding the sending of invoices and receipt of payments.
  • The size, font, and colour of the text on the grids can be changed.
  • The data grids can be displayed with alternating row colours.
  • When the rows of the Sessions grid are grouped e.g. by practice or invoice, the total value of all sessions within that group is shown on the row header. This makes it easy for example to see the total value of uninvoiced work.
  • Licence Key Code is now visible on the options screen. This is a unique number for each licensed copy of PennyPerfect.
2.0.7 10 Nov 2004
  • Reports can now be viewed with the data grouped by day or month.
  • Rows on the Sessions grid can now be grouped by Practice, or Invoice. This makes it very easy to see uninvoiced sessions, and which sessions are on each invoice.
2.0.6 28 Oct 2004
  • Invoice templates can now be multi-page, to allow for very busy months with 30+ sessions.
  • Invoices can now be in landscape as well as portrait format (specified in the template).
  • Licence key is now entered via a form, rather than being delivered as an email attachment.
  • Extra verification performed on licence file to ensure better security.
2.0.5 13 Oct 2004
  • Sessions can be entered without a start date. Previously this caused problems.
  • PDF documents can now contain the bracket and slash characters without any problems. Previously these caused errors if entered in specific sequences.
2.0.4 5 Oct 2004
  • Every PDF document now given a unique ID. This is invisible to users, but used by some advanced PDF indexing applications.
  • There must be at least one Practice entered before Sessions can be created on the Calendars.
  • More robust method used for finding directories.
2.0.3 23 Aug 2004
  • Question mark button appears next to the name on the My Details sheet. It displays a message box informing the user they cannot change the name in the trial version.
  • A default/ standard note to appear on all invoices can be entered on the Options screen.
2.0.2 19 Aug 2004
  • Holding SHIFT while clicking the Invoice PDF button causes the selected invoice to be recreated with the currently selected template and personal details.
  • Holding SHIFT while clicking the Pensions PDF button causes the selected pension form to be recreated with the current personal details.
  • New menu item to create blank pension form B.
2.0.1 12 Aug 2004
  • General release to public.
2.0.0 18 July 2004
  • Limited release to testers.