Pension Data Corrections

Automated changes to pension data when upgrading to version 3.2 and above


Starting with PennyPerfect 3.2.0, pension forms B and D are now calculated differently. If you load data that was saved in an earlier version, the data must be validated to ensure it will be compatible with this new method.

The New Calculation Method

Previously Forms B and D were calculated based on the dates sessions were done. This simplistic method was easy to understand but incorrect. Forms B and D are now completed for when the income is received i.e. the date the Forms A and C are returned to you by the practices.

This calculation method means for example a Form B is only created for a month if a Form A has a 'Rcvd From Practice' date in the month the Form B is being created for.

Changes Made To the Form A and Form C Data

To ensure existing data is compatible with the new method and consistent with the old method, the 'Rcvd From Practice' date must be set for all existing Forms A and C to be in the month the Form was created for.

If this was not done, an existing Form A which has already been included on a Form B could be included on another Form B if its 'Rcvd From Practice' date was set to a month different from the month the Form A was for.

The automatic correction edits the 'Rcvd From Practice' column on pension grids A and C as follows;

  1. If it contains a date in the month the pension form was for, do not change it.
  2. If it's empty, set it to the last day of the month the form was for, and put an explanation in the 'Notes' saying the 'Rcvd From Practice' date has been set.
  3. If it contains a date outside the month the pension form was for, changed it to the last day of the month the pension form was for. The original date is saved in the 'Notes' with an explanation so no data is lost.

A backup of the current data is made before any changes are made.

An explanation of how the pension forms are calculated is available on the pension calculations page.

Pension legislation is complex and subject to change. PennyPerfect make no claim the information represented here is correct, or that the pension calculations within the PennyPerfect software are correct.