Options File Error

How to fix problems with Options file

PennyPerfect stores the data from the Options screen and the My Details tab in a file named Options.dat. This includeds your address, pension number, pension contribution rate, the invoice template to use, colours and fonts to use on the grids etc. If this file becomes corrupted PennyPerfect displays an error message at startup and links to this page.

Fixing the Options file

If PennyPerfect displays a message at startup that the Options file is corrupted, follow these steps to correct it;

  1. From the Windows start menu open Windows File Manager.
  2. Open the directory where you have installed PennyPerfect, (by default this is C:\PennyPerfect).
  3. In this directory you'll see a file named Options.dat. Delete this file.
  4. Run the PennyPerect installer again. This can be dowloaded from here.
  5. The installer will detect that the Options file has been deleted from the PennyPerect directory and create a new Options file with default values.
  6. You can now start PennyPerfect.
  7. You'll need to repopulate your personal details on the 'My Details' tab in PennyPerfect.
  8. You may also want to check your pension contribution rate, default invoice template etc. on the Options screen (from the Tools menu in PennyPerfect).

Running the installer does not affect your saved data (Sessions, Invoices, Pension etc.) or affect your licence. It only updates the PennyPerfect program.