Transfer your data to a spreadsheet, database, or different financial package

PennyPerfect allows you to export your data in universal formats that can be read by any spreadsheet or database package. If you move to another accounting package or need to send data such as an income report to your accountant, it's all possible in a few easy steps.

PennyPerfect can export all your data into a single file such as a multi-sheet spreadsheet, or just one of the main grids. Depending on which operation you are doing, there are different file formats available, which are explained in detail at the bottom of this page.

When the data is exported, it is exported in the same order it is displayed on the grids. You can re-order the rows and columns before exporting to customise the output. Also, columns which are hidden (have a width of zero so they can't be seen) are not exported.

To Export a Single Grid

  1. Ensure the grid you want to export is displayed on screen e.g. Invoices, Reports etc.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Export Grid...
  3. In the dialogue that pops up, enter a filename, location, and format.
  4. Press Save

To Export All Data

  1. From the File menu, select Export, then All Data...
  2. In the dialogue that pops up, enter a filename, location, and type (the type XML Spreadsheet can be opened by OpenOffice and Excel).
  3. Press Save.

To Export To Another Calendar

See the page about exporting to iCal calendars.

File Formats

CSV (Comma Seperated Values) - This is a universal format for tabular data supported by all spreadsheets and databases. Although the CSV format can only be used to export one grid at a time, its simplicity means you can send the data to anyone and not be concerned about the software packages they have.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) - XML files contain information about the type and structure of the data so can be easily interpretted by other systems. The PennyPerfect data can be exported in a single XML that can be read by Excel 2003 or OpenOffice Calc.