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Text Formatting

Custom Formatting

Data that is displayed on an invoice in PennyPerfect can have a custom format specified in the template, as part of the caption. The caption of a label is written as {data|format} e.g. {Start Date|ddd dd mmm yyyy}.

The format is optional i.e {Start Date} is OK. If no format is specified or its left blank then a default format is used.

Multiple different formats can be specified within a single caption e.g.
'{Start Date|ddd dd mmm yyyy} {Start Time|h:nnAMPM} to {End Time|h:nnAMPM}'

Date Formatting

The easiest way to explain is with these examples, all of which demonstrate how the date 'Sunday 12 August 2007' would display with various formats.

d m yy12 8 07
ddd dd mmm yySun 12 Aug 07
dddd dd mmmm yyyySunday 12 August 2007

Time Formatting

These formats demonstrate how various times are displayed in specific formats.


Number Formatting

These formats demonstrate how various numbers are displayed in specific formats.


Special Formatting

There are two special formats that can be used for numbers, which are '[Money as words]', and '[Number as words]'. These display the entered number as written words rather than digits. [Money as words] inserts pounds and pence into the phrase at the appropriate point.

12.47[Number as words]twelve
123.47[Money as words]one hundred and twenty three pounds forty seven pence

Text Case

The property Text Case affects how a label is displayed. It is a property of the whole label and not one piece of data i.e. {Start Date|Upper Case} is not allowed.

The available cases are;

Text CaseResult
no changeThis is the default value. The text is displayed as it has been entered into PennyPerfect.
UPPER CASEThe text is displayed in upper case e.g. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 10 WORKING DAYS.
lower caseThe text is displayed in lower case e.g. please pay within 10 working days.
Initial CapitalsThe text is displayed with the first letter of each word in upper case e.g. Please Pay Within 10 Working Days.