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PennyPerfect Invoice Designer

Customise your invoices

The invoice designer is for customising and creating invoice templates to use in PennyPerfect. It is included in the PennyPerfect installation wizard.

What Can I Customise?

Pretty much anything.

Where do I start?

The invoice designer is accessed from the PennyPerfect group of shortcuts on your windows Start menu.

The tutorials on this site demonstrate the basics of creating and editing text and graphics on a template. These provide a good introduction to the capabilities of the invoice designer, but the best way to learn it is to open an existing template and edit it.

Using your new template

After you have finished editing, open PennyPerfect and select the template on the Options screen so new invoices will be created with it. To recreate existing invoices with a new template, hold down the SHIFT key as you click the PDF button at the top of the invoices grid.