PennyPerfect and Windows 10

Issues that may need attention when using PennyPerfect with Windows 10

PennyPerfect works with Windows 10 but may require a few small one time changes at first use.

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PennyPerfect displays an error about date formats at startup and does not open.
PennyPerfect only works on computers where the language settings are set to 'English UK'. Windows 10 by default is set to 'English US'. To change this;
  1. From the Windows Start menu select Settings.
  2. Windows Start and Settings menu
  3. From the Settings window select 'Time and language'
  4. Select 'Region & language' from the left navigation bar.
  5. In the right hand pane click on 'English (United Kingdom)' and then 'Set as default'.
  6. Windows Language Settings
  7. If 'English (United Kingdom)' is not availabe click the 'Add a language' label and select it from the list then do the previous step to set it as the default.
PennyPerfect shows an error when trying to recreate invoices and pension forms.
This may be because your existing invoices and pension forms have had their file attributes changed to read only. This prevents them from being overwritten by a new version. To fix this;
  1. From the Windows Start menu open File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the PennyPerfect Invoices directory (normally C:\PennyPerfect\Invoices).
  3. Select all of the invoices and do a right mouse click.
  4. From the popup menu select 'Properties'.
  5. In the popup window that appear uncheck the check box labelled 'Read-only'.
  6. Windows File Attributes
  7. Click the [OK] button to close the popup window.
  8. Repeat all of the above steps for the pension forms directory (normally C:\PennyPerfect\Pension Forms).